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Official App for al-Mustafa International University (Jami'at al-Mustafa al-Alamiyyah), Qum, Islamic Republic of Iran.

This app provides information about the courses and facilities of al-Mustafa International University, and allows the user to contact al-Mustafa University for further information or enrolling into one of their courses - which are also available online.

al-Mustafa Islamic University is the main centre for those students wishing to study in the Islamic Seminaries of Qum (Hawzeh / Hozeh Ilmiyyeh), covering subjects such as Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Theology, Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence, Logic, Exegsis (Tafsir) of the Holy Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad(S), the Sunnah and the teacahings of Ahl al-Bayt(A) (the decendents of Prophet Muhammad(S), and the teachers of Islam after him).

A future version of this app will provide a window into the courses and further interaction for students of al-Mustafa with their lecturers.

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