Allo and Dinosaur Friends AR



“Allo and dinosaur friends” is back in Augmented Reality

Place a marker and show it to camera and Dinosaurs will show up on your smart phone.


Watch videos
1. Full ver. video -
2. Use image as marker -
3. Use smartphone as marker -

!!! You need a marker for "Allo and Dinosaur friends AR”

1. Prepare official Dino marker or $1 note. and your smart phone.
- Download official Dino marker from

2. Tab Marker menu and select a marker.

3. Select a dinosaur in AR Viewer

4. Aim your smart phone to a marker then dinosaur will show up your smart phone.

* You can also use your smart phone as marker. watch video*

- Observe dinosaurs through variety size and angles made by full 3D
- The narration explains dinosaurs’ features, areas where they live and their characteristic.

Allo’s Greeting ============================================

Hello! my name is Allo
I’m a little cute dinosaur like funs and lots of curiosity.
I’m here with my dinosaur friends.
Of cause they don’t look cute like me,
But I really want to introduce them to you.

AR (Augmented Reality)? =============================================

More dramatic and mixed reality beyond virtual reality.
This technique gives more advanced concentration and reality by providing users with mixed reality and virtual reality

Dinosaurs =================================================

- Free

More Dinosaurs will be added soon!!!

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