Ambrose Treacy College



Welcome to the Ambrose Treacy College App. Ambrose Treacy College is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition and it is a community where students and staff work and learn together. We pride ourselves in providing a diverse curriculum that balances innovation with tradition. The educational environment at ATC strives to challenge and inspire each boy to achieve their personal potential in academic, emotional, ethical, social and physical development.

Ambrose Treacy College has been described as boys’ heaven. In many ways it is a unique place which caters for lively boys who are intellectually curious, creative and keen to learn. In response to the contemporary needs of boys’ education, we provide an exciting learning environment lead by experienced teachers who appreciate the boys’ energy, humour, unpredictability and imagination.

For further information about Ambrose Treacy College or the App, please contact reception on (07)3878 0500 or visit the school website

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