American River College



Vision, Mission & Values

ARC Vision
American River College is a premier learning community that transforms and enriches people's lives.

ARC Mission
American River College is a public community college granting certificates and associate degrees. Although the college serves people from a variety of geographical areas, it primarily serves the adult residents of the five-county Greater Sacramento region who are capable of benefiting from community college instruction.

ARC exists to ensure students identify their educational goals and needs and successfully accomplish student learning in the following broad educational areas:

Developmental education to achieve basic foundation skills in reading, writing, mathematics, English as a Second Language, and learning and study skills which are necessary for students to succeed in college-level work.
Career and technical education to achieve employment or enhanced career skills for job advancement.

General education to achieve knowledge, skills and attitudes for post-secondary education success, personal enrichment, self-development, and a purposeful and meaningful life as a member of a global community.

Lower division post-secondary education to achieve transfer to and success in obtaining a degree at a four-year post-secondary education institution.

ARC Values
Students are the reason we are here and their education is our primary responsibility. Therefore we recognize that residents of the region are entitled to an opportunity to attend and to be successful in college.

Benefit of Education

Individuals and society benefit from citizens who achieve the full extent of their personal, intellectual, and physical ability; engage in critical and creative thinking; exhibit responsible citizenship; succeed in a competitive global work environment; and participate in lifelong learning.

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