Anatomy & Physiology



Learn on the go with this comprehensive guide to anatomy and physiology for the CMA, RMA and MCAT qualifications.
Anatomy & Physiology covers thirty eight core knowledge areas of the two fields. Specifically targeted at students of the RMA, CMA and MCAT, but suitable as a refresher for all abilities, these questions will test students' knowledge and enhance their understanding of the fields.

1. The Anatomy & Physiology app covers thirty eight core knowledge areas of the two fields.
2. More than 2000 questions to help you prepare for CMA, MCAT and RMA qualifications
3. Four options for each question, only one right answer!
4. Comprehensive breakdown of your results.
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1. Cardiovascular system
2. Cells
3. Chemistry
4. Electrical activity
5. Endochrine system
6. Foundation
7. Gastrointestinal system
8. Genetics
9. Immune system
10. Integumentary system
11. Muscles
12. Nervous system
13. Neurons
14. Reproductive system
15. Respiratory system
16. The body
17. The skeleton
18. Tissues

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1. We can identify muscle tissue of any type by the presence of the intermediate filament:
Answer: Desmin
2. In which muscle type are the nuclei peripheral?
Answer: Skeletal
3. The joint between tooth and bone is a:
Answer: Synostosis
4. Chromatophilic substance is a specific term for ________ in neurons.
Answer: Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
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