Animal Circus: PEEKABOO (Free)



Alphaware is excited to present this new language learning app for young kids & children. It’s fun, easy to use and educational -- and now it's FREE!

Animal Circus: PEEKABOO is a Magical tent in which 16 different animals appear, making their sounds as well as a narrator speaking the type of animal in English or Greek (can be switched back and forth in settings). Very fun illustrations for children to admire.

As Greek American parents ourselves, we believe that all children around the world deserve to have the latest in technology available to them to enhance their learning skills. Our new app is an exciting and interactive tool that will help young kids everywhere enjoy learning the Greek or English language. With computers and tablets being the popular choice for kids today, this app is the perfect combination of playing and learning about animals in Greek & English. More languages will be made available in the near future.

* Greek and English Names and sounds of animals
* Animated children’s book for learning different types of animals
* Kids enjoy animals and their sounds
* Educating children in the English or Greek language with circus and farm animals
* Animals are a fun way for children to learn to speak first words and associate sounds with names.
* Learning to say the animal names in Greek is easy after they play with this fun and interactive book / app
* Kids like going to the circus or zoo and even the farm. This app brings these creatures to life and makes it fun for kids to learn in English and Greek.
* Who doesn’t like puppies, elephants, lions and monkeys? That's just to name a few of the animals included in the Animal Circus: PEEKABOO app.
* While driving around town, or doing errands your kids could be playing on our phone or tablet but what they're really doing is learning and educating themselves in 2 different languages. English and Greek. I am a Greek American with 2 children and this is the best way I found to teach my kids about these fun animals that they love to see, hear and learn about.

Please email us any suggestions from our website.

For kids ages 15 months and above

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