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An exciting animal quiz for toddlers, it is an educational and fun way to learn new animal names for children before entering preschool and also for preschoolers as well. Preschoolers can start this puzzle game by identifying the animal names from the pictures of the animal display on the screen.

It is most entertaining puzzle game with realistic animal pictures on google play. It is suitable for Preschool children of all ages as there are some new and rare animal for them to discover, the difficulty level increases as the level progress making it more challenging, starting with friendly pets like dogs and cats and ends with the pictures of more rare exotic wild animals from nyala and vervet from the African wildlife to komodo dragon and ocelot from komodo island and south America.


Preschool players can also get the sound effect in this game, where you can listen to the sound that the animal makes, and you can also use the hints available but it will cost you one point, the more names you named the more points you get. Earn more points and progress through each level, there is also a tutorial with some sample pictures and exciting sounds.

Let your preschoolers explore the animal world through this puzzle game and don't forget to leave your valuable feedback.

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