Animal Sound Flip Cards



One of the easiest ways for children to learn about God's glory is through studying animals. A favorite topic of almost all children, learning about animals helps children to see the awesome wisdom and creativity that God possesses but it also helps them see how we are uniquely made in God's Image - different from all other creatures on earth.

This FLIPnLISTEN app presents the various Animals & their natural sounds that your child ought to know. Flip to listen for any animal and then listen its inherent sound.

These card can be a good tool both for teachers and parents to make a kid learn with fun.
You can load questions cards or awanser card,the way you like.

This is ad free version and include about 100 different animals and their inherent sounds.
The Animals included are Bear, Camel, Crocodile, Elephant, Giraffe, Kangaroo, Leopard, Lion, Llama, Monkey, Rhinoceros, Snake, Tiger, Wolf, Zebra, Anteater, Armadillo, Baboon, Badger, Beaver, Cheetah, Cougar, Gazelle, Gorilla, Ocelot, Panda, Panther, Porcupine, Puma, Lynx, Bobcat, Jaguar, Hyena, Alligator, buffalo, Lamb, Goat, Horse, , Donkey, Bull, Deer, Stag, Rabbit, Pig, sheep, Cow, Mule, reindeer, Antelope , Baboon , Ferret , Lemur , hippopotamus, Polar bear, bison, Loin cub, Gibbon , Frog, chimpanzee, Moose, Llamas, Koala, Jackals, Hog , Hamster, Guinea pigs, Coyote, Chinchilla, Okapis, cougar, Badger , Impala, Raccoon, Mouse , Fox , Snow leopard, puma, Hedgehog , Skunk, Squirrel, puppy, Gecko , Crocodile, Orangutan, Dingo , Gharial , tortoise, chameleon, penguin, Seal, Blue whale , Mongoose, Wildebeest, Marmot, Dolphin , & Ape .

Requirement AIR runtime.

The lite edition for evaluation can be downloaded from here

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