Animal Sounds for Kids Free



- Free Exciting app for toddlers and kids to help them learn and identify different animals and their sounds (51 domestic and wild animals, birds and insects).
- Images of real animals included.
- Click on the animal images to play the sound.
- Play Mode
- Volume of app is controlled by default device volume control.
- No Ads integrated in the free version, so Kids enjoy uninterrupted learning from Purple Fig Studio apps.

Animals included in the app are : robin, anhinga, bear, bee, blue jay, dolphin, camel, canary, cat, chicken, chimp, cougar, coyote, cricket, crow, cuckoo, dog, donkey, duck, eagle, elephant, finch, frog, goat, goose, horse, jaguar, lamb, leopard, lion, monkey, moose, owl, panther, parrot, peacock, pig, raccoon, rattle snake, sandpiper, seagull, seal, sparrow, tarantula, tiger, toad, turkey, whale, wildboar, wolf and zebra.

Sounds and pictures Coming Soon are : Bison, Buffalo, Bull, Cow, Dinosaurs, Flamingo, Hen, Koala, Mouse, Panda, Puppy, Rabbit, Rooster, Sheep, Whale , Wolf, Zebra, Turkey, Snake and many more.

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