Animal Zoo- Real animal sounds

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    Take your child on a fun journey learning about Zoo Animals!

    See dozens of real life animals your child sees every day or at the zoo with real sounds, real images, and awesome spoken text! Help your child learn about zoo animals!

    Featuring real zoo animals, this app shows the name of the app in clear (not babyish) text, a pleasant voice reads the title out loud, and then a real sound effect plays for a few seconds. Download the Animal Zoo app on the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store now!

    Help expand your child's world with real pictures (real images have been shown to be more effective in early development than illustrations) as well as real sound effects for each cute animal!

    Here's how it works!
    - Swipe from side to side OR touch next/previous buttons
    - When you change the picture, a calm, positive voice says the name
    - Also when you change the picture, a real life sound effect plays for a few seconds
    - Your child also sees the name in clean, clear text, which accelerates reading ability
    - Press the "ear" button to hear the sound again! Repetition is key to early development.
    - Press the "music" button to hear the sound effect again!

    What parents are saying-

    “We love looking at the animals together- saves us a trip to the zoo!”

    “He enjoys the animals and tries making the sounds too”

    “Super simple but the kids love it!”

    “Very cool sounds”

    My 2 toddlers LOVE this app, and I know your kids will love it, too!

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