Animated French Alphabet



-Learn the alphabet anytime and anywhere
-Incredible illutration and sophisticated animation techniques
-Trace on the letters while watching animations
-Fun and cool learning for early learners
-A begining part of an effective gradual and consistent learning series
-Listen to authentic pronunciation
-Tap to show animations
-Choose between capital letters and small letters and learn to write both

Animated French Alphabet provides an incredible tool and resources for early learners. It offers a practical way to learning French Alphabet at young ages. Animated French Alphabet is a cool and fun game-like learning experience for our kids to enjoy and learn.

With Animated French Alphabet, little fingers can trace along the letters while watching the animation in action. It is a powerful way to develop learning interest. This learning tools for our kids really presents an incredible illustration and sophisticated animation techniques.

Animated French Alphabet is a part of gradual and consistent French learning series "Learning French in English".

Animated French Alphabet will definitely stimulate the imagation and learning interest for many early learners. To make learning fun is the effective approach of this wonderful series.

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