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    This application records information from the accelerometer sensor. The user has to simulate the movement he/she would do when answering or placing a phone call. You can record as many patterns as you want, we suggest you to record at least 60 patterns. Every time 15 patterns are stored, the data are automatically sent to us over internet (if you do not have it sending data is just delayed until you connect on internet)

    USAGE: The application has two buttons "start" and "stop". You have to simulate the same movement you do when answering (or placing) a phone call. Then, once started the application, you put the phone in the position like you would put it when you answer a call, you press the "start" button of the application (like if "start" was the button to answer the call). Then, you bring the phone to the ear. When the phone is close to the ear, you press the "stop" button of the application.

    Warning 1: you have to press "stop" when the button is close to the ear (you do not have to move the phone again away from the ear before pressing "stop"). To help this operation, the "stop" button is very big, hence you just need to touch with a finger in the middle of the screen. For each observed pattern (after "stop") the user is prompted to ask whether the observed patter should be stored (please do not store the pattern if you think for some reason it does not reflect the way you would answer the phone---e.g. if some went wrong during the movement).

    Warning 2: for each installed application, only one person should perform the movements. That is, if two person want to help us with this experiment, they should use two separate phones.

    No sensible or private information is collected by the application.
    We are using these data for scientific research. You can find a preliminary work here:
    Mauro Conti, Irina Zachia-Zlatea, Bruno Crispo.
    Mind How You Answer Me! (Transparently Authenticating the User of a Smartphone when Answering or Placing a Call).
    In Proceedings of the Sixth ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security
    (ACM SIGSAC ASIACCS 2011), to appear, Hong Kong, March 22-24, 2011.

    Help us in collecting data for research. Thanks.

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