AppDesigner 102



Learn how to make a basic AppDesigner project in these menu design tutorials by Bruce Nazarian!

AppDesigner is a software application that lets you quickly create rich-media iOS Apps, even if you have no software programming experience. Using an intuitive drag & drop interface, you can use AppDesigner to snap together an app similar to how you'd make a DVD-Video with DVD Studio Pro.

The foundation of any app is a good menu system that lets users navigate your videos, audio tracks, and images. In this course, Bruce Nazarian takes you through the process of creating a menu from the ground-up. You'll see how to configure background images & buttons to make an interactive display. You'll also learn how to attach audio to your menus, wire up buttons to tracks, and a whole lot more!

Table of contents:

1. The Basics
2. Menu Graphics
3. Making a Splash Screen
4. Menus: Adding Text and Image Elements
5. Menus: Text-based Buttons
6. Menus: Graphical Buttons
7. Menus: Adding Sounds to Buttons
8. Menus: Using Audio
9. Adding a Web Page
10. Creating a Web Link
11. Adding an RSS Feed Page
12. Adding Links using a List Table
13. Creating an Image Gallery

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