Aquarium Origami 3


Aquarium Origami 3's review


A series of apps with instructions to create origami figures

  • Could be interesting
  • You get the same results from a webpage

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"Do you know how to make dinosaur origami?"


Origami Dinosaur is a series of apps based on the popular Japanese craft. These apps show you how to create dinosaur figures from paper, via a step-by-step guide (that normally comes with a lot of steps, we'd hasten to add).


The design of the app is decent and the instructions are clear, despite the lack of a video tutorial. Each one of the apps shows you how to make a different dinosaur, something that will interest you if you're into the prehistoric world.


On downloading the app, we had hoped for some 3D images that let you follow the instructions and make the dinosaur from the app itself. However, the app just serves to download instructions from the internet—nothing more. A little disappointing, if we're being honest.

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by Ana , Appszoom

Oct 25, 2016