Arrhenius Acid-Base Theory

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    Watch this interesting app to get familiar with one of the very early theories on acids and bases put forward by Arrhenius.
    Arrhenius Acid-Base Theory explains what traits make a substance qualify to be an acid. According to his theory, although now of historic importance only, substances which produce hydrogen ions in solution are acids while those producing hydroxide ions are bases. The app not only describes the concept in depth, it further comments on the limitations of Arrhenius theory as well.
    Arrhenius Acid-Base Theory is best suited for students of secondary school.
    The app contains additional features such as:
    • Crisp and clear in-animation text to enable easy grasp of the concept
    • A quiz, answering which you can test your level of learning.
    • Self explanatory images
    • Important key terms which can help you revise and retain the concepts better
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