Asahi Kanji (lite)



Study tool to memorize Japanese kanji, radicals (bushu) and primitive elements.
Various practice drills and a stack of flashcards for the first 120 Jōyō kanji (2010 official list) and the N5 level (lowest) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test + 56 radicals (bushu) and primitive elements.
Choice of the JLPT or Jōyō Kanji order.
* Ten multiple choice drills on meanings, On-yomi (Chinese readings) and Kun-yomi (Japanese readings), radicals and elements.
* Two puzzle and two writing practice drills including stroke order animation.
* Single kanji handwriting recognition
* Single kanji Optical Character Recognition (Experimental)

(This is a full-featured, ad-free, banner-free, trial version of Asahi Kanji)

The OCR function requires permission to use the camera although it DOES NOT take pictures or videos.
Since additional files (Japanese OCR data) have to be downloaded, it also requires network access and permission to copy to your storage.

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