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Autism Speech DiegoSays is an app that visually helps your kids to form phrases: action + object

  • Learn how to form sentences
  • Speech-to-text
  • Thumbnails of the object
  • Ease of use
  • Interface should be enhanced
  • Needs extra objects
  • Too expensive!

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"I want, I am, I am going"

Pro version removes restrictions to actions and objects.

This app is really simple: it contains three buttons at the top that represent three actions (I want, I am, I am going). The kid just has to tap one of them and the tap any object below to form a sentence. For example: "I want food", "I am going home". Of course, all the actions and objects contains both, the written word and a thumbnail that describes what it is.

When the kid tap both actions or objects, Speech-to-text engine (called Diego), says the word. When linking action + object, Diego will say the full sentence. Thanks to this app, you children will learn how to make sense sentences, to read and to pronounce properly.

We've only noticed a few catches: interface should be enhanced and it needs more objects. Despite of this, useful app.

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