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    Autocad sucks period! It is an ill-conceived piece of lame junk. Its totally over priced, we spend thousands and thousands of pounds on a license and Autodesk cant even do proper research and development and bring out something that actually works properly! They bring out new versions with loads of wonderful new features which nobody uses, but they cant even get the basics right, - hatch? To draw anything is so long winded - why take one process when you can take seven; It's so full of bugs, that becomes especially apparent when you're under pressure and trying to work quickly. What's with all the STUPID system variables? I've used this piece of garbage every working day for the last 16 years and I can honestly say I HATE IT!!! R14 was the best version; its been a gradual downhill from there on. They removed commands which were great, and then added them back in again when we caused a fuss, which just proves they dont have a clue. I just hope for the day when Autodesk get some decent programmers and do some proper research & development (we are paying for it after all) and we finally get a program which works and makes our working life easy, instead of having to fight with the damn thing everyday!

    i will rate autocad 2014 a poor becase of much difficult installation and and after installation the program opening . during installation when autocad 2014 language packs option comes the error comes " Allied product is not found" and after this error the installation completely fails in windows 7 enterprise x64.

    I have been using AutoCAD nearly 30 years and have very happy with it we have just gone from 2010 which I found to be very good to 2014. I had our IT dept. build a new computer using recommended components from the AutoCAD site I must say I have had enough I am spending most of my time trying to get it to work as it freezes constantly crashes constantly half the commands no longer work as they should it randomly changes setting I have set I am at work as I am writing this and as usual I am trying to get it to work again, enough is enough time for a change I will be actively trying to find something that’s works properly Probably Solidworks
    I will not be recommending AutoCAD anymore it’s finished in my book

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