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AutoCAD the flagship product of Autodesk is considered to be the world's best 2D Software. Although there are millions of websites sites, teaching how to learn AutoCAD, but little work is done in enabling the learning experience on a Smart Phone. This app is ideally suited for those users who are continuously wanting to learn beginner, intermediate and advanced articles, tips, news and much more.

Some of the lessons and topics which you can learn and practice from this app are :

1. Introduction
2. 3D Staircase with Railing
3. Stair with Pillar
4. Sweep Command Tutorial
5. 3D Tutorial Guitar
6. Inserting / Importing, Tracing
7. Dimensioning
8. Dimension Styles
9. Basic Drawing setup
10. House Modeling
11. Multiple Layout Sheets
12. AutoCAD Interm.: Xrefs
13. Floorplan
14. Gear making
15. Gear Animation
16. Revolve , Sweep Loft
17. 3D walls
18. 3D Door
19. modelling flatshot
20. 3D roofs and walls
21. floorplan tutorial
22. making a basic architecture
23. Extrude and press pull
24. modelling
25. wheel construction
26. thread making
27. draw hex nut and thread
28. joining lines and polylines
29. basic functions
30. sheet set manager
31. create autocad template
32. modelling helix and sweet
33. spring making
34. make quick layout
35. make hexagonal nut
36. 3D spring making
37. 3D modelling basics and advanced.

Coming back to AutoCAD training itself, the only requirement is that you are familiar with Microsoft windows, as this application runs only on Windows. There are a number of institutes that provide AutoCAD training. But if you are planning to invest on a course, make sure it's an Authorized Training Centre. AutoCAD training can teach you to design, draft and coordinate multiple designs; create 2D or 3D design, imprint and publishing management of such design etc. On an advance level it is possible to learn to be an AutoCAD software developer and to be involved in the development of the application itself. This may be of interest to software professionals interested in this line.

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