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Short Listing B-schools for your MBA admissions could be overwhelming.
This free app has all the information you need to make your B-School admission planning easier,and in one place !

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This app contains the details of top 70+ B-Schools in the USA per Forbes listing which includes Tuition,Past year salary,Required GMAT® score ,Location and link to college website.
Notable features include:
1.B School Planner - detailed steps for getting into B school
2.Search(partial search with auto complete) on the college from the main listing using B school name or Location .Add /Remove from Shortlist (Your favorites).
3..Set a active notification on the selected B-School
4..Link to the B-school directly from the details page(serves as a bookmark to the college website)- helps you to track the admission dates,latest news .. All for free !!!
5.The school listing,search and favorites work offline as well.

This app will serve as a handy e-handbook you could carry around in your phone or tablet and will make your GMAT® exam preparation and B-school admission planning more organized and effective!!

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