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Zoo for baby to hear sound of animals and birds, and see the enlarged picture with animation. Animals include zebra, elephant, dog, cat, camel, koala, monkey, penguin, polar bear, rhino,squirrel, tiger, owl, horse, elephant, rooster, goat, cow, killer whale, frog, wolf, sealion, crocodile, bison, elk, pig etc. The enlarged picture will disapear after 4 seconds. There are also a lot of birds added in, like American Robin,Anhinga,Bald Eagle,Canada Geese,Clark's Nutcracker,Common Raven,Hermit Thrush,Northern Flicker,Osprey,Sandhill Crane,Spotted Owl,Steller's Jay,Uau (Hawaiian Petrel),Western Gull,White-crowned Sparrow,Yellow-rumped Warbler, cheetah,Western Gull,White-crowned Sparrow,Yellow-rumped Warbler, etc.

I wrote this for my 2 years old daughter and she loves it. Please support me if you and your baby like it. Thank you!

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It supports android 1.5 and above.

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