Bad Habits



Bad Habit is an action or pattern of behavior that is repeated so often that it becomes typical of somebody, although he or she may be unaware of it.
Subsequently, a BAD habit would be something that is harmful to you, or irritating to the point of alienating friends/family. Anything can become a BAD habit of it is not done in moderation.
The name itself says that its “BAD” and should not be inculcated in our behavior as it not only affects us but people around us as well. It does not put good impression on others about us if we possess bad habits in ourselves.
App includes information on:-
Bad Habits - Challenges in Interpersonal Behavior
Bad Habits that Crush Your Creativity
Bad Habits worth Losing
Ways to Overcoming Bad Habits
These denote patterns of behavior established by continual repetition. Habit applies to a behavior or practice so ingrained that it is often done without conscious thought.

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