In 1955, a small group of citizens conceived the idea of forming an independent foundation for the purpose of privately funding activities aimed at enriching the educational experience of students. So, on November 16, 1955, the Columbus School Foundation was established in Columbus, Indiana. The fifteen founding board members were: Mary Bottorff, Robert Brown, Lowell Engelking, Lewis N. Essex, Louise Fish, Muriel Hamilton, Jane Kinney, W.R. Laws, Jr., L.A. Lockwood, John Marshall, Xenia Miller, J.P. Reeves, A.D. Silva, Jr., W.L. Wissman, and Florence Zaring.In 1966, the public schools in Columbus were brought together under a single administration as the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation. In response to this, the School Foundation changed its name to the Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation. During the first 40 years of operation, the School Foundation awarded more than $1,000,000 to projects serving the students of Columbus.

The Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation celebrated 50 years of service in 2005. A "birthday party" complete with cake and ice cream was held at the November 14, 2005 BCSC Board Meeting. Part of the program included highlights from several grant recipients who shared their projects and programs which were funded with School Foundation "Bright Ideas" grant funds.In January of 2007 the School Foundation hired its first Executive Director, Suzzette Holmes of Columbus, Indiana. Katherine Miller of Columbus served as interim director in late 2008. Katherine's grandmother was an original board member of the School Foundation.

In March 2009, Janice Montgomery began as the director. The School Foundation Director works closely with the Board of Directors, the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation and others in the community who are pursuing educational excellence. The Director’s office is now located at the BCSC Administration Building.

On July 10, 2012, Ethan Crough stepped into the Executive Director’s position.