What is Bible Discovery TV? Bible Discovery TV Network (BDTV) is the on-line media center proclaiming the truth about Jesus Christ to those who are eager for more. BDTV trains and equips its viewers to live each day by the principles in the Bible. It is an encouraging force that builds God’s people in their faith by living it out and encouraging others to do the same. BDTV will cultivate this generation of truth seekers in every nation through programs that INSPIRE us to live by biblical faith, INSTRUCT us on how to interpret and apply the Scriptures to their lives, and entertain through IMAGINATIVE programs that are either animated, movies, conferences or concerts that are biblically approved.

BDTV also partners with world-wide ministries, Christian churches and Bible-based universities, like Phoenix Theological Seminary, to nurture those who want to gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word as it applies to their lives and to the world around them.

How can I get connected with BDTV? BDTV can be seen on the Internet at and can be viewed on any of the following devices: computers; laptops, netbooks and notebooks; tablet computers, mobile devices, and Internet TVs. If you have produced programs that fall under one of the three “I’s” Inspiration, Instruction, or Imagination, please contact Kyle Hembree, Senior Director, by email at or by phone at 412-965-9332. If you are a pastor, missionary, university instructor or someone interested in taking classes at Phoenix Theological Seminary, please contact Rod Hembree at

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