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The Berea Convo app allows you to do two things:

1. View the Berea Convocation schedule for the current academic year.

You can learn more about and view the Berea Convocation schedule online,, but this app allows you to scroll through convos quickly on your Android device. (Data will updated when the new schedule is released each fall!)

2. Track your attendance.

As a Berea College student, this app gives you the ability to track the convos that you've attended. Keep in mind, THIS IS IN NO WAY A SUBSTITUTE FOR CONVO CARDS.

If you find this app useful or have problems with it please leave a comment or rate the app.

This application was developed by Jacob Patton and Abraham Kali as part of CSC397: Advanced Android App Development in the Department of Computer Science at Berea College during the spring 2013 semester.

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