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Pronounce the English words of the King James Bible. All the words in this app are words from the bible. This can be used in many ways.

1. Randomly click through the words. Listen and Pronounce the holy bible.
2. Search the bible words for prayer. Find your bible message for the day.
3. Type in any Biblical phrase of your choosing.

Bible words encouragement, even the rapture, begin with understanding, bible word meaning and bible word pronunciation with our free audio bible words and pronunciation app.

From the Adam and Eve to Moses and onwards to Jesus Christ and the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The words of the bible are all here.

Based on the kjv Bible. The vocabulary of Bible quotes and inspirational Bible verses from the holy bible are the basis of this dictionary like app. The King James Bible is a good place for biblical study of the bible stories. This should still be of interest to niv bible and nrsv bible users.

The app's focus on keywords could be the start of Bible study lessons or a Bible reading plan. It could act as a Bible study guide or help teachers to find Bible study topics.

This is a free bible download quiz. There are a lot of difficult biblical names, used daily it will make them seem easy! Women in the bible are brought into focus. This is a really nice bible study tool. Bible games can bring the scriptures to life! A great supplement to Children's bible study, getting kids through the books of the bible.

Speak English pronunciation app. Learn English.

Pronunciation is important if you want to speak English fluently and looking at the Bible is an excellent resource to help. Some words are easy, others more difficult. The exercises in the free app will help you to improve. Good listening and speaking skills are needed for spoken English. That is learning for life! A better understanding of grammar and vocabulary, such as idioms, phrases and verbs, will help you during English conversation.

How to use the app

This app is a great companion for Bible or English Bible dictionary study. Find words on the app, listen & speak, and learn to pronounce them, then go to your English dictionary and learn more about what they mean! You can input as many words as you like.

Who is the app for?

This is a Christian English ESL EFL app designed for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).
The emphasis is on English Bible words and learning how to pronounce them and therefore how to speak English.

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