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Do you know the bird's voice? Do you see the bird? Bird guide to the songbirds in your area! There are few people who know all the birds. Our great pictures and characteristic sound recordings help in recognizing the songbird. The cuckoo knows everyone - but how does he look? 38 different songbird and their characteristic voices have now been assessed by an ornithologist. Present in older versions errors were not detected by the developers and the users! Have fun with the now typical representations, correct voices and exact terms. You'll also bird lovers. Not just once a year at the singing bird count! Great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren can learn a lot ...

Quiz Game

• Find the name of the correct image
• Find the correct name for the image
• Hear the voice and find the correct image
• Hear the voice and find the right name

Of 38 different songbirds must be recognized in each round 10th. Are all subject to chance songbird recognized, you get 100 points, and listens to the singing birds of the last correctly choosen bird.

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