The Business Kollel Network's program is an international movement, yet community based, so it can afford each growing business community's requirements.

The Business Kollel Network was formed under the direction of leading rabbonim, and in conjunction with the leading Choshen Mishpat institutions. Business Kollel is currently galvanizing people and combining resources to incorporate existing night-kollelim and shuls nationwide into one cohesive network.

The Business Kollel Network evolved including the latest technological developments and accessibility, to continually facilitate constant curriculum involvement for each and every participant, and is focused on each community's future, to meet its new and emerging needs.

Our goal is to meet and exceed these needs – every step of the way.

We are here to provide you with the material that you need to achieve your ultimate success, efficiently, conveniently and most effectively.

Yours Truely,
The BKN Staff

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