BrainTrain Edu Jungle Trek



•Five engaging games that help kids learn in several areas
•Automatically increments to the next difficulty level once the child has mastered the current group
•Colorful graphics and lively music make this game fun to play
•Kid-safe: No third party ads or tracking

Let Ellie the Elephant guide you through these fun learning games. Help your preschool students, ages 2 to 5, can learn to recognize and understand different colors, shapes, letters, numbers and the concept of size. Just tap the Play button, and the fun begins. Each student will have fun coloring pictures which will then come alive. They will learn to recognize and discriminate basic shapes. Finding each letter of the alphabet and the word that starts with that letter helps to build early language skills and word recognition. By counting from 1 to 10, students learn the basic number skills they need to get started in math. Comparison of images of different sizes helps a student develop visual discrimination and judgment.

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