BrainTrain Edu Word Right! 2



• Three educational games that help kids (ages 7-9) practice spelling
• Automatically adjusts the difficulty level
• Colorful graphics and lively music make this game fun to play
• Two Player option enables students to challenge each other to improve
• Kid-safe: No third party ads or tracking

Let the BrainTrain Edu games help exercise your students’ attention and cognitive skills while providing practice spelling basic words. Children, ages 7 to 9, will have fun playing and learning in settings ranging from a casual backyard to the furthest reaches of space. All BrainTrain Edu games are specially created to help build students practice the cognitive abilities important in school and life.

Games automatically adjust to allow students to learn at a level of difficulty personalized to their ability level. As kids succeed, they will be able to enjoy new challenges at harder levels. Children will work on thinking speed as they are directed to respond faster and faster. Additionally, you retain control and can adjust the difficulty level to best suit an individual student’s needs.

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