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Won the best award in 2012 Smart App award!!

♥Keep your child’s teeth healthy!♥

It’s important for children to take care of their teeth from a very young age.

However, it’s not easy for children to keep their teeth clean. They run away, cry, get grumpy, and sometimes they only chew on the toothbrush.

◈Brush Brush Cocomong not only helps children to brush their teeth, but also helps them to learn various tooth care-related vocabulary◈

《Key Function》
1. Brush Brush
▶Brush Brush Cocomong in stages. Cocomong teaches the proper way of brushing teeth with a friendly voice.
▶The 3D characters’ lively and detailed actions facilitate concentration. Through three stages of dynamic screen layouts, the child can focus on the app.

2. Brushing Game
▶After eating a meal, children can have a firsthand experience of the process of brushing their teeth by playing an interactive sticker game.
▶While feeding Cocomong, the child will learn what foods are good and what foods are bad for teeth. Brushing Cocomong’s teeth and having fun while doing so will change their attitude about brushing their own teeth.
▶The app allows you to take a photo of your child and make it interactive. This personalizes the learning, making for a deeper learning effect.

3. Story Book
▶The story book contains many enjoyable, picture-based stories.
▶What will happen to Cocomong after eating lots of teeth-unfriendly foods?

4. Flash cards
▶There are 25 tooth care-related vocabulary flash cards.
▶If you touch the screen, Cocomong will read the word. The flashcards contain real pictures which are effective for learning vocabulary.

5. Video
▶You can also watch the “Brush, Brush, Brush your teeth” video.
▶Brush Brush Cocomong helps kids to learn proper tooth brushing technique and to develop a good habit.

We here at duducs are doing our best to develop apps that teach children to have good everyday habits. We will continue to develop new applications in the future, so please stay tuned!

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