CanUHanyu is a fun educational app for learning and practising Chinese! Teachers and students will find this app useful in supporting language learning in the classroom and practising on the go.

    Play and practise Chinese characters and expressions with pronunciations grouped in over 40 categories, including colours, numbers, animals, clothing, food, travel and lots more. Flash cards with Chinese characters display optional pinyin and English meaning, helping learners build vocabulary. Listen to Chinese pronunciations. Record and playback your pronunciations to practise and perfect spoken Chinese.

    Play five exciting, interactive games that reinforce vocabulary progressing through six levels of proficiency. Reward badges chart progress and provide motivation.

    Monkey Match Up: match the Chinese character, pinyin, pictogram
    Dragon Drop It: match characters to categories
    Panda Pairs: memorise and match pairs of Chinese characters, pinyin and pronunciation
    Great Wall Stack: sort falling character blocks
    Silk Road Search: find the matching image

    + Suitable for beginners to intermediate learners of all ages
    + Select from 6 levels of skill at anytime
    + Extensive Chinese dictionary of over 1,000 characters and expressions with spoken pronunciations, pinyin, English meaning and pictograms
    + Over 40 dictionary categories
    + 5 unique games that reinforce learning including: matching pairs of characters to pinyin or pronunciation; matching Chinese characters to pictograms; sorting characters in correct categories
    + Review mode, to view and practise entire dictionary
    + Record your pronunciation and hear the correct pronunciation played back
    + Create your own Study Set of characters
    + Select your own categories to play in customised games to reinforce learning
    + Mobile and web app with keyboard accessibility
    + Cultural symbols embedded in games to link language to its cultural context
    + Two speed settings: standard and fast
    + Sound on/off to suit classroom or personal use

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