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CCNA Study Free exam prep app version provides first 8 chapters

Complete paid CCNA Study Free Network Fundamentals provides training with 11 chapters, 2500+ quiz questions, 11 quizzes.

App Features
a) Videos - select chapters have videos
b) Tutorial – Quick summary notes on chapters
c) Quiz - Exam based on randomly generated questions from a 2500+ question quiz bank.

Chapters List:
1) Living in a Network-Centric World
2) Communicating over the network
3) Application Layer Functionality and Protocols
4) OSI Transport Layer
5) OSI Network Layer
6) Addressing the Network – Ipv4
7) Data Link Layer
8) OSI Physical Layer
9) Ethernet
10) Planning and Cabling Networks
11) Configuring and Testing Your Network

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CCNA® (Cisco Certified Network Associates) certification exam is offered by Cisco®.

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