ChemAid Periodic Table



A simple and lightweight app to quickly and easily look up element information. Also includes a periodic table. Nothing more, nothing less. Useful as a quick reference for chemistry homework.

Information Includes:
* Symbol
* Atomic Weight
* Group
* Period
* Block
* Density
* Atomic Volume
* Atomic Radius
* Covalent Radius
* Radioactivity
* Melting Point
* Boiling Point
* Heat of Fusion
* Heat of Vaporization
* Oxidation States
* Electrons Per Shell
* Electron Configuration
* Electronegativity
* Electron Affinity
* 1st Ionization Energy
* Specific Heat Capacity
* Thermal Conductivity

Description of Permissions:
Internet Access - Needed to fetch element information from our web service.
Network Status - Needed to check if network is available before fetching data.

Future Features (not currently in app):
* Equation Balancer (version 0.3)
* Molar Mass Calculator (version 0.3)
* Improved element detail view (version 0.4)
* Bohr/Dot diagrams (version 0.4)

Developed By:
Alexander Zlatin, Mike Lopez

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