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    Balance complex chemical reactions in a few quick keystrokes!

    Analyze parallel reaction pathways for complex reaction model building in seconds!

    Find the limiting reagent and calculate the moles, mass or weight of any or all reaction constituents that are consumed or produced with no effort at all!

    This application is an easy to use, yet extremely powerful all-in-one tool for chemical reaction science and engineering. Not only does this application simply balance chemical reaction equations, this application produces all available balanced reaction pathways for the chemicals entered into the equation. It also calculates molar, mass, and weight quantities (in SI and English units) necessary for the reaction based on an input weight of one of any given component. The application also remembers the chemical formulas input by the users to allow fast construction of chemical reactions from a master list or auto complete function.

    To use this applications simply enter each chemical involved in the reaction or choose them from the master list. Once the list is complete, simply click on calculate. A list is provided with all possible balanced reactions that can occur with the input chemicals. Users can select a chemical reaction and calculate molar, mass, or weight quantities necessary for each reaction constituent based on the quantity for one chemical.

    This app is indispensable for anyone even remotely associated with chemistry, from the first class student, to research scientists at major universities and corporations.

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