China five thousand years



China five thousand years - the education of children

Concise narrative with vivid vivid illustrations and voluminous historical records will help you fully understand the nation's history, increasing knowledge content, broaden their horizons, read the history of Ming Chi, a better grasp of today to create tomorrow.

Table of Contents

Beginning of the world
Yao and Shun to make way
Duke nine co-princes
Revival of the Gou
Confucius travel around the world
Meng Mu moved three
Shang Yang Reform
Bian Que generation of doctors
Retrieve their full property
Emperor and the Assassin
Qin Shi Huang unified China
Zhang Qian Western
Sima Qian wrote "Historical Records"
Battle of Red Cliff
Battle of Fei River
Xuanwumen change
Empress Wu Zetian
Poet Li Bai
Poet Du Fu
Brought 杯酒释兵权
Chanyuan Alliance
Political Reform
Sima Guang series "Mirror"
Shen Kuo and "Meng Xi Bi Tan"
Poetess Li Qing-zhao
Yue Fei sake of the
Patriotic poet Lu You
Song name with Tianxiang
Genghis Khan
Kublai Khan
Zhu Yuanzhang established the Ming Dynasty
Zheng He
Wu Cheng-en wrote "Journey to the West."
National hero Zheng Chenggong
Qianlong and "Si Ku Quan Shu"
Cao Xueqin wrote "Dream of Red Mansions"
National hero Lin
Opium War
Reform Movement
Taiping Rebellion
Li and Westernization Movement
Sino-Japanese War
Humiliating "Boxer Protocol"
Boxer Rebellion
Sun Yat-sen
Die a martyr Qiu Jin
Xuantong demise
Fifty-four Patriotic Movement
... ...

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