Chinchilla Care Guide



What are you doing with that tape measure and your pet chinchilla? Measuring him? For what? A fur coat? Looking at the size of you (no offense) compared to the size of your pet, you're going to need more than one.

And then there's that small problem: What do you tell your children when their pet has gone missing and you're . . . well . . . wearing Chilli the Chinchilla. That's just gross!

No, this is not the time to view your pet chinchilla or your soon-to-be-pet as a piece of clothing. He's definitely a member of the family. And if you haven't had the privilege of having a chinchilla as a pet, you're in for a real treat.

Just do me one small favor, please. Don't tell your children you even had the thought of wearing your pet chinchilla. They wouldn't react well.