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Chinese-English dictionary. c3Dict Chinese dictionary is an offline dictionary (you don't need an internet connection to use it).

Some features include:
✰ Over 9000 example sentences. All available offline
✰ Coloured hanzi and tone marks in all views
✰ Pinyin for all characters and example sentences
✰ Stroke numbers
✰ Radicals
✰ Copy to clipboard
✰ Offline audio
✰ Writing grid
✰ Single character frequency
✰ Character combination word lists
✰ Search as you type
✰ Fast lookup
✰ Plus much, much more

c3Dict is based on CC-Cedict. Example sentences are from Tatoeba. This is a Simplified Chinese dictionary, it does NOT contain traditional Chinese characters.

c3Dict is capable of Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English searches. Press the 'pinyin' button to do a pinyin search.
Chinese characters are colour coded based on tones. Dictionary searches can be saved in a text file. It is attractive, easy to use and utilizes CC-CEDICT with over 100,000 entries. c3Dict can automatically distinguish between Chinese, and English input.

For more information or if you're having any problems, please visit the website:

Thanks for using c3Dict Chinese dictionary and please leave your comments or email us directly.

If you're looking for a paid dictionary I'd recommend checking out Pleco. The paid version of Pleco has the ABC dictionary which is really good for beginners.

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Words can be saved to a text file on the SD Card which can later be imported in to flashcard programs such as Anki or Mnemosyne or the upcoming c3Cards.

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