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    Dr. Lewis and the staff of Christian Bible Institute & Seminary present their mobile app! The app features the CBIS degree recipients as well as information about faculty and staff. You can sign up for online classes and enroll in the institute directly from the app. You can also ask the president of CBIS, Dr. Lewis, questions by clicking on the ‘Ask the President’ button. The app also gives you contact information including telephone, email, visit the website and the ability to follow on social networks such as Facebook & Twitter. The app also gives you the opportunity to make a donation to CBIS through PayPal.

    Christian Bible Institute & Seminary is a non-denominational Bible Institute & Seminary with the mission of providing affordable Biblical education and theological training for anyone interested in earning a Bible Degree to further enhance their Ministry.

    CBIS is fully accredited and is exempt through the State of Florida by the Florida Department of Education's Commission for Independent Education, (850) 245-3200, under Florida Statute 1005.06(1)(f). Its purpose is to prepare students for religious vocations only as ministers, professionals, or laypersons in the category of theology. CBIS is exempt from licensure and the jurisdiction or purview of the commission pursuant to F.S. 1005.06(1)(f); as a state-authorized (rather than regionally-accredited) theological institution, CBIS accepts no governmental grants or financial aid.

    The studies offered by Christian Bible Institute & Seminary are not in competition with the secular field of training or employment. CBIS was established to train men and women of God and equip them with the tools necessary to be mature, productive, and functioning parts of the local Body of Christ.

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