Christmas Stories




    Christmas Tales is an application that contains stories to educate our children with the values ​​of Christmas.
    The Christmas stories and songs in several languages.
    Selections in Spanish, English, German, Chinese and French Christmas story with Christian values, a story of Santa Claus, Christmas song and illustrative story to the attention of the children. Ideal for preschool and child.
    Stories in Spanish:
    - First Christmas Story. (Education Christian values)
    - A Christmas Carol performed with playmobil.
    - Christmas Carols.
    - Christmas Carol ever.
    - Story of Rudolph the reindeer.
    - A Christmas Carol made two animated bears.
    Tales in English:
    - Carol "The First Christmas". (Education Christian values)
    - Story: "I was the night before christmas".
    - Christmas Song sung by children "Merry Christmas".
    - Song Jingle bells ".
    - Story: "The Story of Christmas".
    - Carol "Santa's Christmas".
    Stories in German:
    - Christmas Carol. (Education Christian values)
    - Story of Santa Claus.
    - Christmas songs.
    Stories in Chinese:
    - A Christmas Carol. (Education Christian values)
    - Tale of the Christ Child's birth.
    - Christmas song.
    - A Christmas Carol. (Education Christian values)
    - Beautiful Christmas Song.
    - Story of Santa Claus.
    - Children karaoke lyrics.

    The fun way to entertain and educate children this Christmas.
    Contains carols, stories and songs of Christmas, all thinking the education of our children.

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