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CL-150 for Android is specifically designed for users of the CL-150 Technology Matrix for Critical Languages, which supports language and culture learning for specialized government purposes. As a licensed CL-150 user, you are already authorized to download and use this app.

To access the CL-150 for Android app:

1) Download the CL-150 for Android app.
2) Log in to your CL-150 account and click the “edit profile” link in the top right-hand corner to view your personal CL-150 User Name. Enter that user name when requested the first time you launch the CL-150 for Android app.
3) Select your language and list. When the download completes, begin learning. (A network connection is required for list selection and initial download.)

Note: CL-150 accounts are available only to US government and military personnel and programs. More information at

CL-150 for Android allows you to select and learn CL-150 lists in any of more than 75 supported languages.
CL-150 for Android takes you through a 3-step process that allows you to quickly and reliably master each of the words and phrases in your chosen list. Finish by taking a quiz for each list.

Learning new words and phrases is a major and important aspect of learning any new language. CL-150 for Android helps you do that learning as effectively as possible, wherever you are and whenever you have the chance.

Features of CL-150 for Android include:
• Access to the same learning lists as available on the CL-150.
• 3-Step learning method for fast, efficient, and effective learning.
• Read, see, and hear your chosen language in its native form. (Some customer-authored content does not include recordings.)
• Hear every nuance of the language and master proper pronunciation with SlowSound™ technology.
• Track your learning progress with the Learned Items system.
• Review items that have become "stale" and turn them "fresh" again with refresh mode.
• Search for words and phrases on Twitter to see how the words and phrases you are learning are used in live Twitter conversations (Requires a network connection).
• Add your own custom content using separate CL-150 software. New lists can be shared with other CL-150 members.

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