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CMD Reference CCNA can help Cisco networking academy students and certification candidates learn and review core Cisco networking configuration fundamentals. This command reference includes the specific Cisco IOS commands used to configure Cisco routers and switches. Brief narration explaining many of the commands is also provided. Utilizing CMD Reference CCNA in conjunction with your primary training source can be very beneficial with retention and comprehension of the subject matter.

1. Basic CLI
3. STP Etherchannel
4. Frame Relay
5. PPP
6. IP Routing
7. RIP
10. DHCP
11. DNS
12. NTP
13. NAT
14. ACL
15. IP Calc

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This app was design for quick and easy access to valuable core reference information. It is meant to supplement NOT replace your primary information sources, whether that be via books, videos, classrooms, boot-camps, Cisco documentation, or teachers and mentors. Router IOS commands are based on Cisco IOS 12.4T and Catalyst switch commands are based on Cisco IOS Release 12.2(44)SE. Please consult Cisco's documentation for your particular router/switch model IOS version running in your lab or production environment.

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