Collins Revision Statistics



Revise with Collins New GCSE Maths anywhere with Collins Revision Statistics.

This interactive maths resource will identify trouble areas and suggest further studies, and is full of video tutorials and real-life examples to help you revise and practise, progress and get top exam results.

Collins Revision Statistics contains 40 revision guide chapters, 120 practice questions, 24 video tutorials – AND MORE – on topics pertaining to:
• Statistics and statistical diagrams
• Data handling
• Averages
• Probability

With Collins Revision Statistics you can now hone your mathematics skills wherever you are.

• Be inspired by interactive animations, exciting video clips of students teaching a problem, real-life examples of maths at work, worked exam questions, tutorials and more
• Choose precisely which topics to revise and practise with material corresponding to the Collins New GCSE Maths scheme
• Test yourself with interactive assessment questions that identify trouble areas and suggest relevant further revision

Videos are downloaded separately by the app, directly to your device, upon installation.

Collect all four Apps covering all four GCSE maths strands, for a total of 900 practice questions, 300 assessment questions and 130 video clips!

The Collins GCSE Maths Revision app series includes:
1. Collins Revision Number
2. Collins Revision Statistics
3. Collins Revision Algebra
4. Collins Revision Geometry

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