Crayon, YooHoo & Cooking



Crayon, YooHoo & Cooking for iPad is out!
And it’s developed by an actual father of his baby!
Compare with other company's products.
To paint the whole family entertained.
Upload a picture to the CrayonPride.
Child the same age (same month), you can see paintings of friends.
Korea, the United States, France, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, the world's children to draw a picture with all admire.

We decided not to include an eraser function after actual usage testing on kids.

We found there are many cases where kids get frustrated when accidently erase some parts they did not mean to. We wanted to avoid of giving unnecessary stress to the kids.

*Same color impressions as real life crayons
*Little Star System which helps kids to finish their coloring
*Star Stamp System which encourages kids to use various colors
*Provides real-life sized character images for easy to follow examples
*Save slots for character
*Includes 16 characters which totals to 48 character images
* Upload a picture the serve(CrayonPride)
* particle effect

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