Creative Marketing



Why do they fail? According to a study performed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, there are three main reasons startup businesses fold:

* Lack of financial planning
* Poor sales skills
* Poorly planned and executed marketing

Creative marketing addresses all three of these concerns. It is one of the most successful marketing methods available, and since it is low-cost and high-impact, you won't need a huge advertising budget to take advantage of this powerful strategy.

Here is what you will discover inside:

# Chapter 1 – What Is Creative Marketing?
# Chapter 2 – How and Why Creative Marketing Works
# Chapter 3 – Creative Marketing for Your Small Business
# Chapter 4 – Creative Marketing Methods
# Chapter 5 – Digital Creative Marketing
# Chapter 6 – Rules and Regulations
# Chapter 7 – Welcome to the Jungle

Without a doubt, Creative marketing is an extremely effective strategy for any small business. Since you typically will not have a huge advertising budget, it makes more sense to invest effort and time, and reap the rewards of your careful planning and creativity.

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