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Crossover Flash Card是一套電子字卡, 目的是讓小朋友透過此程式學習中、英文生字, 適合1至7歲的小朋友使用。每張字卡上都會提供物件的圖片、英文及中文名稱, 小朋友不但可以學習中、英文生字的寫法及串法, 更可同時學會其英文及普通話讀音, 只需按下卡上的英文及中文字即可播放相對的讀音。此外, 除了一般拉動螢幕轉到下一張卡片的方法外, 更可輕輕搖動您的裝置以隨機轉換卡片。此程式除了是一個有趣的學習工具外, 更比傳統的字卡更易於收藏及攜帶, 十分方便。,
數字卡包將可隨應用程式免費下載,您亦可以透過In-App Purchase在應用程式內下載更多生字卡,包括形狀及文具卡。而且更多類型的卡片將會陸續提供!

Crossover Flash Card是一套电子字卡, 目的是让小朋友透过此程式学习中、英文生字, 适合1至7岁的小朋友使用。每张字卡上都会提供物件的图片、英文及中文名称, 小朋友不但可以学习中、英文生字的写法及串法, 更可同时学会其英文及普通话读音, 只要按下卡上的英文及中文字即可播放相对的读音。此外, 除了一般拉动萤幕转到下一张卡片的方法外, 更可轻轻摇动您的装置以随机转换卡片。此程式除了是一个有趣的学习工具外, 更比传统的字卡更易于收藏及携带, 十分方便。,
数字卡包将可随应用程式免费下载,您亦可以透过In-App Purchase在应用程式内下载更多生字卡,包括形状及文具卡。而且更多类型的卡片将会陆续提供!

Crossover Flash Card is an electronic flash card application which is designed for 1 to 7-year-old children. Through this application, children can learn simple vocabularies for both English and Chinese. On the flash cards, the words in both English and Chinese are shown together with a sound clip of the pronunciation provided. So not only can the children learn the spelling of the vocabularies, but also the pronunciation in English and Mandarin. As this application is designed for children, they can easily navigate the flash cards by scrolling the screen or even shaking the devices, this makes the app more trustworthy, and it is easy to keep and carry out with your iPhone & iPad.
The flash cards of NUMBERS are provided in the app for free, you can also get more cards of different categories through In-App Purchase, e.g. shapes and stationeries. And more cards are coming in the future!

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