D1-2Speak provides you with a fast and easy method to acquire and master spoken Arabic. Our program allows the student to begin to speak naturally and accurately in a wide variety of topics. This course is designed for beginners and advanced students and intended for your use on smartphones, tablets and personal computers.
After buying this program, enjoy 16 filmed Arabic lessons. Meet two teachers, and with their help, begin to master the Arabic language and be able to converse freely.
This program includes a dictionary, phrasebook, number learning guide and reading and writing acquisition.
The D1-2Speak Program includes:
- The option to study on any Android device
- The opportunity to enjoy 16 filmed lessons which can accompany you anywhere and on any topic
- Dictionary, Phrasebook, Number Study Guide
- Reading and writing acquisition
This program was built especially for you, from the beginner to the advanced Arabic student.
Join us on an easy and enjoyable journey to learn the Arabic language, both effective and fun!
When you begin to speak, you will soon find that you have purchased the ability to confidently converse in Arabic and understand what is going on around you.
16 lessons feature conversations on a variety of topics including:
Learning verbs, different tenses, masculine and feminine, singular and plural, adjectives, questions and answers.
Purchase the full program. Join us today and with the help of the application, you can take the first step in learning spoken Arabic anywhere, anytime.

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