Digital Portfolio




    Digital portfolios are hypermedia documents, consisting of a set of screens or "pages," according to the software applied. Digital portfolios are used for demonstrating the skills and knowledge of the students and exhibiting the vision of the individual schools. They help the students to know about the quality that would be expected from them. Digital portfolios are ideal for assessing a student?s individually, by the school committee and deciding whether he or she possesses the necessary qualities. A close look at all the systems, including the curriculum, scheduling, administration, and pedagogy is required, in order to evaluate the students, properly.

    Instead of judging the students through abstract test results, these portfolios help in the true assessment of performance, by recoding their personal interests and accomplishments in art. Digital portfolios usually begin with the student's identity, discussing the various accomplishments of the student, including photographs and videos. It is actually a computerized process of saving the work of the student, allowing the viewer to go through the entire portfolio. A digital portfolio makes it very easy to view the work, as many times as desired. The displayed instructions guide the users in navigating through the different sections of the portfolio.

    After joining an institution, a student is usually provided with the space for creating the portfolio and is equipped with the goals and visions of the school of art. Eventually, with regular participation in the various activities, such as seminars, presentations, research projects and gaining credits in the interest areas, students keep adding to and enhancing their portfolios. The students can add report cards, standardized test scores, and transcripts.

    The assessment of digital portfolios is known as an exhibition, as the computerized portfolio is displayed in front of all the teachers and students. The technical requirements include configurations supporting multimedia and graphics occupying a great amount of disc storage space.