Diverging Lenses

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    In this Physics app, understand the basics of refraction through a concave lens. Discover in this app that a concave lens can be regarded as arrangement of several portions of triangular prisms with a very small glass slab at the centre. The application also provides a visual description of important terms linked to a lens. Besides, the rules for ray tracking for a thin diverging lens are well illustrated by showing the formation of images.
    Features of this app are:

    • A textual format of the visual content
    • A comprehensive glossary of key-terms
    • Access to relevant web pages as links
    • An interactive quiz for evaluation
    • A section of images capturing the entire learning in a nutshell Physics apps are created by Designmate(I) Pvt. Ltd., a leading e-learning company that pioneers in the use of graphics, animation and simulations to simplify concepts in General science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. For more information, please visit

    Content Level: High school

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