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    The dkayMath app allows you to solve college level math problems on your android based phone. Choose from four different subject areas including linear algebra, calculus, parametric equations, and differential equations. This utility will allow you to check your homework or review problems by giving step by step output leading up to the solution. Simply hit the Rand button to see an example problem worked out in its entirety. Features unrestricted input which allows for a wide array of problems that can be solved.

    Matrix operations: echelon form, reduced echelon form, inverse, inverse by adjoint, adjoint matrix, characteristic polynomial, determinants up to 5x5, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, nullspace, spanning set, rowspace, range, left nullspace, wronskian, LU factorization, Hessenberg form, Hessenberg polynomial, Householder transform, QR factorization, and least squares solutions.

    Single variable equation operations: differentiation, integration, multiply, and root finding.

    Parametric equation operations: gradient, is gradient of, curl, and divergence.

    Differential Equation operations: Solve second order differential equation, and solve second order initial value problems.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any suggestions for new problem types or are having problems with the program. I'll issue updates as soon as I can with new content/fixes based on user feedback.

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